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"ONE OF AMERICA'S 15 BEST FLORISTS" - Working Woman's Magazine

Rosebowl Florist and Wine Shop has served San Francisco's corporate and artistic communities for 32 years. Our incredible selection of fine wines and sophisticated gourmet products captures the attention of the discriminating client desiring an effective gift statement.

We specialize in custom floral design and custom gourmet baskets - not pick a number. Beautifully decorated packages, from single bottles of wine to elaborate gourmet baskets and artistic floral presentations are our specialty.

We aren't pick-a-number nor do we take orders from machines...
just real humans.  So, please call us 10am and 8pm weekdays only.
(Pacific Time) 415.474.1114

We personally deliver our gift baskets in San Francisco. Same day delivery if ordered before noon.
(closed weekends)

Sassy, Saucy and Seductive:

A really romantic sentiment for newlyweds, anniversaries, your significant other, or the fox you met 5 minutes ago:
A premium French champagne, 2 red roses, 2 gorgeous hand blown champagne flutes, fancy chocolate truffles, a red votive candle presented on a bed of rose petals …magical!!

$160 as shown

(to modify, please call) f

Thank you, Merci, Dankenschon, Gracias, Domo Arigato

An exclusive boutique California wine, Vermont smoked cheddar cheese, crackers, olive tapenade, spiced almonds and hazelnuts, chocolate cherries, chocolate orange twigs:
An incredible statement of appreciation!

$120 as  shown


(to modify, please call) f

Congratulations on Your New Parents!

A French rose champagne, a soft plush stuffed animal, Starr Ridge peanutbutter cookies, Moonstruck cream cones, chocolate hazelnuts, tea sampler, 2 nutrisodas renew and calm in a white willow basket

$100 as shown


(to modify, please call) f

We deliver THE SAME DAY IN SAN FRANCISCO in our cool trucks! Your last minute emergencies and celebrations are welcome.
YOUR GIFT DOES NOT ARRIVE IN A BROWN BOX a few days later Those other internet winers offer lots of brown-brown packaging, brown trucks...BORing!
We can include FRESH FLOWERS with your wine-even a few stems on a single bottle.(Can't get that from the other guys).
Our GOURMET PRODUCTS are personally voraciously eaten by us first: we don't like it, you don't get it. And the packaging better be hip, trendy and professional, or the company is too stupid to be with us.
Wines are chosen from SMALL FAMILY WINERIES that have limited production,and the highest standards of excellence. You won't find these wines in supermarkets!
No need to settle for a "pick a number" because we don't offer it therefore you can't order online. You have to break down and use the TELEPHONE! Don't be scared. As we want to serve you personally, we need to hear your voice.

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